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Organic certification

> Strict adherence to organic specifications

> Borrowing from biodynamics to strengthen the vines, reduce treatments, and promote biodiversity in our soils.

Organic certification Bouzy : harvest 2023.

2 hectares

Family estate since 1919, we own 2 hectares located in Bouzy (grand cru) on the Montagne de Reims and in Loches sur Ource in the Côte des Bars.

Pressing and vinification are done in Bouzy.


> Limited use of sulfur
> Wood aging
> Extended aging
4 years for non-vintage brut and a minimum of 7 years for vintage
> Low dosage

The pinot noir
des "Cercets"
Bouzy, grand cru

Following the phylloxera outbreak,

the wholesale sale of grafted vines gradually standardizes grape varieties, except... those of some die-hards!

Lucien Collard is one of them and replants his vines in 1919 according to a personal selection with black grape varieties from the Moet et Chandon nurseries where he was managing the vineyards.

Our plot in Les Cercets still bears witness to this work and thus offers you a unique "Grand Cru" Pinot Noir grape variety.

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